European Union trademark renewal

Required information for the renewal of a EUTM

We only need to identify the EUTM (filing number, filing date).
No power of attorney is required.

When the new edition of the Nice Classification applies to the designated goods (for example for services of former class 42), the EUIPO does not reclassify the goods and services.

The official fee for online renewing a CTM is of 850 € for the first class, 50 € for the second class and 150 € per additional class.

Time limit

A CTM is renewable 10 years after its filing date. Since 23/03/2016, the due date for the renewal is the anniversary date, no more the end of the month.

Grace period

The CTM can still be renewed within a 6-month grace period with the payment of a fine.

Electronic renewal

We submit the renewal request by electronic filing. We therefore provide you immediately with the official receipt.

The certificate of renewal is received within one month.