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Particulars for entering the European phase of a PCT application (31 months)

Particulars relating to the PCT application

If the application has been amended during the PCT proceeding, we need a copy of the text of the application as filed and a copy of the text as last amended.

A European patent can be filed in one of the three official languages of the European Patent Office (English, French or German). If the PCT is not in one of those languages, a translation must be filed at the date of entry into the European phase, or later with payment of a fine.

If the PCT proceeding was one in one of these languages and no amendment has been filed, then we do not need any document for the filing. A .doc version of the text may be useful for the proceeding.

Particulars relating to the PCT proceeding

If the PCT proceeding language was not one of the EPO languages, please provide us a translation of the main parts of the international preliminary examination report. This translation is for our file only and we do not need it at the filing.

Designation and Extension states

Since 01/04/2009, all designation states are designated by the payment of a sole fee of 500 € (525€ since 01/04/2010) which must be paid at the entry of the EP phase.

The payment of extension states is optional. If some extension states should be paid, please indicate us the list of them.


A claims fee of 200€ (210€ since 01/04/2010) applies for each claim from the 16th one to the 49th, and of 500€ (525€ since 01/04/2010) from the 50th one.

It is possible to amend the set of claims at the entry before the EPO in order to reduce the cost due to the number of claims.

Additional fee

An additional fee of 12 € (13€ since 01/04/2010) must be paid at the entry of the european phase for each page after the 35th one.

The pages to be taken into account are : the specification, the claims, the drawings and 1 page for the abstract. If the PCT has to be translated for the EP entry, the pages taking into account are the ones as published.

If the claims have been amended during the PCT procedure, or if they are amended at the entry, the pages are the one of the last amendment.

If a translation of the PCT is required, and if the claims are amended at the entry, the additional fee will be calculated on the basis of the number of pages of the description belonging to the international application as published by WIPO and the replacement pages containing the amended set of claims in an EPO official language.

For more details on the calculation, see the EPO guidelines

No power of attorney is needed