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The granting and validation steps of a European patent


At the grant, the granted claims must be translated into French and German when the procedure was in English, and the granting and printing fee must be paid.


Once the European patent is granted, it is necessary to validate is in the designated countries of interest.

According to the London Agreement, the translation and the validation step is amended as follows, for a text in English:

Translation of the specification required Translation of the claims required Validation step before the national office
AT German German Needed
BE No No Automatic
BG Bulgarian Bulgarian Needed
CH/LI No No Automatic
CY Greek Greek Needed
CZ Czech Czech Needed
DE No No Automatic
DK No Danish Needed
EE Estonian Estonian Needed
ES Spanish Spanish Needed
FI No Finnish Needed
FR No No Automatic
GB No No Automatic
GR Greek Greek Needed
HR No Croatian Needed
HU No Hungarian Needed
IE No No Automatic
IS No Icelandic Needed
IT Italian Italian Needed
LU No No Automatic
LT No Lithuanian Needed
LV No Latvian Needed
MC No No Automatic
MT No No Needed
NL No Dutch Needed
NO Norwegian Norwegian Needed
PL Polish Polish Needed
PT Portuguese Portuguese Needed
RO Romanian Romanian Needed
SE No Swedish Needed
SI No Slovene Needed
SK Slovak Slovak Needed
TR Turkish Turkish Needed

When a validation step is required, it is only the filing of a translation, sometimes with the payment of an official fee, but there is no more examination of the patent.

After that, the annual fees must be paid before the national offices, even if no validation step is required anymore.

Map of countries of the European Patent and of the London Agreements