Recordal of a change before the EPO

Recording a change of name or legal form or a change of address

We only need to know the new name, legal form and/or address to be recorded.

Recording an assignment

To record an assignment, we have to file an application for the registration of this entry, together with :

- copy of the agreement, which must bear the signatures of both parties ; and

- a translation of the agreement into the language of the proceedings.

Concerning the agreement, we can prepare a formal draft thereof.

We will receive the registration receipt about two weeks after the filing of the request.

When recording before the EPO?

A recordal of change can be filed before the EPO until the end of the time limit for filing an opposition or until the end of the opposition if any.

After that, recordals have to be done before the national offices.

For some countries, it is even advisable to record the change before the national office as from the granting (for example for France).