Term of protection of a French design

Since the order of the 25 July, 2001, a French design is protected during a period of 5 years from its filing date. However, according to the previous law, a French design was registerd for 25 years, once renewable.

Therefore, the term of protection of French designs depends on its filing date.

Designs filed but not renewed before October 1st, 2001

They are still protected for a period of 25 years, but without any possible renewal for a second 25-year period.

Designs filed and already renewed once before October 1st, 2001

The designs renewed before October 1st, 2001, are still protected for a second 25-year period. They are therefore protected for a total period of 50 years.

Designs filed as from October 1st, 2001

These designs are protected for 5 years, renewable up to a maximum of 25 years.