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French patents

Cabinet Chaillot represents applicants before the French Patent Office (INPI) for filing French patents and following their prosecution. We give you here the main steps of the prosecution, the elements required for filing a French patent, the difference between a French patent and a certificate of utility (or utility model), the validation requirements of a EP patent since the London Agreement, the specific French seizure (inspection of property) as an element of proof in case of infringement action...

Latest news

04-2012 Patentability of laws of nature in the United States: the Mayo case

On March 20th, 2012, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a landmark decision regarding patentability of laws of nature.

06-2010 Must a European patent, amended after opposition, be translated in French in order to have effect in France?

On April 14, 2010, the Court of Appeal of Paris delivered 24 similar judgments on the same point of law relating to the translation of European...

11-2009 Change in the competent jurisdictions for IP matters as from November 1, 2009

As from 01/11/2009, the number of courts compentent for intellectual property cases is reduced in France :

08-2009 France has ratified the patent law treaty (PLT)

On 24/07/2009, France ratified (Law n° 2009-892 of 24/07/2009) the patent law treaty (PLT), adopted at Geneva on 01/06/2000.

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