Recording a change in the French Patents Register

According to Article L. 613-9 of the French patent law “To have effect against others, all acts assigning or modifying rights deriving from a patent application or a patent must be entered in a register, known as the National Patent Register, kept by the National Institute of Industrial Property.

However, an act may have effect, prior to entry, against parties who have acquired rights after the date of such act, but who had knowledge of the act when acquiring the rights.”

Recording a change of name or legal form or a change of address

No document is required.

We need to know the previous name, legal form and address as last recorded in the French patent register.

Recording an assignment

To record an agreement of assignment, we have to file an application for the registration of this entry, together with :

- copy of the agreement, which must bear the signatures of both parties ; and

- a French translation of the agreement.

Concerning the agreement, a partial copy can be filed in order to reduce the translation cost.

No original is needed, not notarized nor legalized copy.

We will receive the registration receipt four or five months after the filing of the request (or about one month if swift processing is requested and the corresponding swift fee is paid).

No power of attorney is needed