Requirements for filing a patent or certificate of utility


For a natural person: Name, first names, nationality and address.

For a legal entity: Legal name, legal form and address (if the applicant is a foreign company, we shall indicate : company incorporated according to the laws of ...).


Since 01/09/2005, a reduction of fee is applicable for "small entities". A natural person is a small entity.

For a legal entity, a declaration must be filed within one month from the filing date. The condition for beeing a small entity are:

- be a small or medium-sized enterprise with less than 1000 salaried employees and whose capital is not held over 25% by an entity not fulfilling these conditions, or

- be a non-profit organization in the domain of education or research.


Name, first names and address.

The designation of inventor(s) can be filed within a 16-month period from the filing date or if a priority has been claimed, from the priority date.


In order to allow us to translate into French the text to be filed, if the latter is in a foreign language, please send us an exemplar (in English, German, Spanish, Italian,...) including the specifications, the claims, the drawings (if the patent application includes drawings) and the abstract (we shall draft the latter in case of need because it must not comprise more than 150 words).


  • country, filing date, filing number
  • an official copy of the priority document (which can be still validly filed within a 16-month period as from the priority date). No translation of the document is necessary (except the first page if the used language comprises ideograms or Cyrillic script) ;
  • if the priority document is in the name of another person, an assignment of the priority right is requested together with its French translation. This assignment can still be filed within a 16-month period from the priority date. A simplified form can be filed ; do not hesitate to ask it.

No power of attorney is needed for the filing