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Trademarks and designs: The first wave of Cooperation Fund tools has been released

November - 2012
Nine tools developed went live on the Internet on 18 November on the website of the European Trade Mark and Design Network.

The projects were built at OHIM with the involvement of the EU National Office staff and user associations.
Three hundred and fourteen (314) IP and IT professionals from all across Europe are involved in the Cooperation Fund, which is one of the pillars of the European Trade Mark and Design Network.
The tools aim to harmonise practices and working methods in the National Offices across Europe, and are underpinned by a €50 million fund provided by OHIM.
So far, three hundred and eighteen expressions of intent to implement the tools have been received from National Offices, making this one of the largest projects in OHIM´s history.
The tools in the first wave of releases can be found here:  
The essential tools are :

- TM View : online trade mark search tool : covers almost all the countries

- Designview : online design search tool : covers Bulgaria, Benelux, Estonia, Spain, Greece, Portugal, SLovakia and OHIM

- Similarity : the tool gathers and shows assessments from the participating IP offices on similarities between goods and services.

The next wave of tool rollouts is planned for the first half of 2013.