Cambodia recognises European patents


An agreement has been signed according to which the validity of a  European patent application and of the European patent obtained on the basis of this application could be extended to Cambodia upon request of the applicant.  This agreement will enter into force  once it is adopted into Cambodian law.  The date of 01/07/2017 is tentatively indicated. However, please note that, for the moment, Cambodia wish to make use of the WTO waiver regarding pharmaceutical products. This is why pharmaceutical products will be excluded from the agreement during  the transitional period.With  this agreement,  the number of countries in which  it will be possible to obtain a protection by a single  European patent application will go from 42 to 43 :38 state members :
AL     Albania    
AT    Austria    
BE     Belgium    
BG     Bulgaria    
CH    Switzerland    
CY    Cyprus    
CZ     Czech Republic    
DE     Germany    
DK     Denmark    
EE     Estonia    
ES     Spain    
FI     Finland    
FR     France    
GB     United Kingdom    
GR     Greece    
HR    Croatia    
HU     Hungary    
IE     Ireland    
IS     Iceland    
IT     Italy    
LI     Liechtenstein    
LT     Lithuania    
LU     Luxembourg    
LV    Latvia    
MC     Monaco    
MK     Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia    
MT     Malta    
NL     Netherlands    
NO    Norway    
PL     Poland    
PT     Portugal    
RO     Romania    
RS    Serbia   
SE     Sweden    
SI     Slovenia    
SK     Slovakia    
SM     San Marino    
TR    Turkey     

2 extension states
BA  Bosnia-Herzegovina
ME  Montenegro
2 validation states
MA Morocco
MD Republic of Moldova