Requirements for the filing of a French Trademark


  • for a natural person: name (underlined), first names, gender and address;
  • for a legal entity: legal name, legal form and address


The trademark can be a verbal and/or figurative mark (see what can be filed as a <link>trademark</link>.

* Word mark: please indicate the vocable (it will be typed in block capitals)

* Graphic mark and/or mark accompanied by a logo: please forward us by e-mail a document of the .jpg or .gif type.

* Claiming of color(s): It is possible to claim colors, by their arrangement, their combination or their shade (or hue). In the case of a sole colour, it is recommended to claim a color by its code such as " Pantone pink 219 ", rather than by its description such as "fuchsia pink" which may be considered as invalid.

* Sound mark: the mark must be graphically represented (a stave, a spectrum..). It is possible to precise for example the used instruments or to describe the sound (for example : the roaring of a lion).

* Three-dimensional mark: a planar representation is necessary (photograph, synthesis picture...). It is possible to describe the part of the form which does not appear on the representation.

* Hologram: we have to represent in the frame one or more representation(s) and not the hologram itself. It is possible to describe the sequence of pictures for example.

* Transliteration: it is compulsory to transcribe into Latin alphabet, into Roman or Arabic figures the indications which are reproduced in other alphabets or characters (ideograms, Cyrillic script, Arab script...)

Designated goods and/or services

together with the indication of the international classes


  • country, filing date, filing number of each prior application whose priority is claimed;
  • an official copy of the priority document (in pdf only). No translation of the document is necessary (except the first page if the used language comprises ideograms or Cyrillic script);
  • if the priority document is in the name of another person, an assignment of the priority right is requested together with its French translation.

Prior search

The French Trademark Office does not conduct any search among the trademarks already registered. As the filing of a mark similar to a prior mark is considered as an act of infringement, we strongly recommend to conduct a search prior to filing.

Furthermore, it is also highly recommended to conduct a search among the French Company names.

French Polynesia

Please note that since 01/01/2014, French Polynesia is no more included in the filing of a French trademark application.
In fact, in order to cover French Polynesia, the application of a French trademark must now specifically designate French Polynesia and an official fee of 60EUR must be paid.
Please indicate if you wish us to designate French Polynesia upon filing when you provide your instructions.

No power of attorney is needed