European Union trademarks

Cabinet Chaillot represents applicants before the EUIPO for filing European Union trademarks and their prosecution, for filing oppositions or cancellation request of EUTM or of international trademarks designating the European Union. We give you here the main steps of the prosecution, the elements required for filing or renewing a EUTM, the use requirement, the importance of conducting prior searches in the different countries...

  • Filing a European Union trademark

    Cabinet Chaillot gives you here the elements required for filing a CTM (european community trademark)

  • Prior searches and prosecution before EUIPO

    Prior searches before filing a CTM. We recommend to conduct a similitude search within the 28 states of the European Community and within the Community trademarks. This search permits to estimate the risk of any opposition prosecution or action for infringement which could be made in the future.

    This search is also highly recommended because filing a trademark even without using it, is considered as an act of infringement in some countries, like France.

  • After registration of a EUTM and renewing a EUTM

    Use of a EUTM after registration and renewal of a EUTM. The registration takes effect 10 years from the application date.

  • Opposition before the EUIPO

    An opposition against a EUTM application can be filed within a period of 3 months following its publication to prevent it from being registered.

  • Cancellation of a EUTM before EUIPO

    A registered European Union trademark may be the object of an application for revocation of the rights of the proprietor or for a declaration that the trade mark is invalid.

  • Infringement of a EUTM