Changes in the Community trademarks as from 23/03/2016


As from 23/03/2016, there will be changes for the Community trademarks. Here are the essential ones.

Change of name

OHIM will be known as the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), while the Community trademark will be renamed the European Union trademark.

Filing fees

The official fees will change and will depend on the number of classes as from the first one. 

Official fees for filing a European Union trademark will be :

Filing of a Community trademark application in ONE class :  850 EUR
-    for a second class : 50 EUR
-    for any additionnal class after the 2nd one : 150 EUR.


As from 23/03/2016, the renewal due date will be the ANNIVERSARY DAY and no more the end of the month. This will apply to trademarks for which renewal is due as from 23/03/2016.

The official fees will be amended and will depend on the number of classes as from the 1st class.

The official fee will be of 850 EUR for the first class, 50 EUR for the second class and 150 EUR for each additionnal class after the second one.

Designated goods and services

The use of general terms, including general indications of class headings of Nice Classification, shall be interpreted as including all the goods and services clearly covered by the literal meaning of the indication or term.

Owners of EU trademarks applied for before 22/06/2012 and registered in respect of the entire heading of a Nice class may declare that their intention related to the date of filing had been to seek protection in respect of goods or services beyond those covered by the literal meaning of the heading of that class, provided that the so-designated goods or services are included in the alphabetical list for that class in the edition of the Nice Classification in force at the date of filing. The time limit for filing this declaration is 24/09/2016.