Community designs after Brexit


UK will leave EU after the transition period that ends on 31/12/2020.

Registered Community designs (RCD)
For RCD that are registered on 31/12/2020, a UK corresponding design will be automatically created, with same application date, same priority date if any.

EU pending applications
For those applications, it will be necessary to apply for the UK corresponding design before 01/10/2021. This UK application will have same application date as the EU application, same priority claim if any.Opting-out
It is possible to choose not to have UK corresponding desgin by opting out. This will be possible after 01/01/2021.
UK designs will have to be renewed separately.
Where a RCD renewal date falls after 1 January 2021, early payment of the renewal fee at EUIPO, before 1 January 2021, will have no effect in respect of the comparable UK design.
We will be able to continue to represent our clients before the UKPTO for the UK designs.