European protection of geographical indications for craft and industrial products


On 12/09/2023, the European Parliament approved new EU rules aimed at safeguarding the geographical indications (GI) for craft and industrial products, inspired by the existing rules for agricultural products.

These new rules extend protection to locally renowned non-food products such as lace, glass, natural stones, jewellery or porcelain across the EU and globally.

The goal of this regulation is to harmonise differing national systems, increase consumer awareness and enhance the competitiveness of producers. For example, this non-agri GI protection already exists in France.

The legislation foresees a regular two-step registration, starting at national level and followed by an examination of the application by the EUIPO at EU level. The Member States will have one year to inform the Commission and the EUIPO which of the names already protected nationally should also be registered and protected at EU level.

The Council must now formally approve the agreement. The Regulation will then enter into force twenty days after being published in the EU Official Journal and its application is scheduled to commence two years from that point.