French collective trademarks


The logos are collective trademarks.

A collective trademark, designated so at the time of filing, is suitable for distinguishing the goods or services of persons authorized to use it under its Regulation of Use.

The applicant for such a trademark can only be an association or group with legal personality representing manufacturers, producers, service providers or traders, or a legal person under public law.

Thus the VEGETAL LOCAL trademark (logo), registered on January 13, 2015 by the Federation of National Botanical Conservatories and transferred in 2020 to the French Office of Biodiversity, is a collective trademark designating:
- agricultural, horticultural, forestry and seed products, all of which are derived from local collection in the natural environment and/or local production and/or developed from products derived from them (Cl.31) ;
- plant certification services in the agricultural and horticultural field (Cl.35); and
- agricultural, horticultural and forestry services (Cl.44).

Its regulation of use can be accessed on the Internet and show that it is intended for collectors, producers, multipliers and structures marketing wild plants of local origin.