New Rule 36 EPC regarding the filing of divisional applications

As of 01/04/2010, divisional applications on the applicant's own initiative (so-called voluntary divisional applications) will need to be filed within a period of two years from the first communication sent by the examining...[more]

Category: BEP


Parallel applications for patent for invention and for utility model in China

It has been confirmed that it is allowed for an application to try to file identical applications on the same day both for a patent for invention and for a patent for utility model respectively so as to obtain a protection in...

Category: World, CN


France has ratified the patent law treaty (PLT)

On 24/07/2009, France ratified (Law n° 2009-892 of 24/07/2009) the patent law treaty (PLT), adopted at Geneva on 01/06/2000.[more]

Category: BFR


CTM fee reduction for filing through international applications

The World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO, has announced that revised fees for international trade mark applications designating the European Community under the Madrid Protocol will take effect on 12 August.The fee...

Category: MEM


Change in the Egypt phase of a PCT

The Egyptian law has been amended to the effect that the annuity due date of PCT National phase applications will be calculated for a period of 20 years from the International filing date rather than the national filing...

Category: World, EG


Facebook and Trademarks

Since 13/06/2009, Facebook enables its users to register URL addresses of the type Facebook/your trademark.[more]

Category: MFR, MEM


PDO, PGI, AOC … amendments and suppression of the symbols

The European Union Regulation n° 510/2006 dated 20/03/2006 defined at the community level two different levels of geographic reference for the agricultural products and foodstuffs : the protected geographical indications (PGI)...[more]

Category: MFR, MEM


New online filing system for Community Designs

The OHIM web site now allows a new online filing system for Community design.The advantage of this new system is that we receive immediately the filing number. The pubication, is requested at the filing, is done very shortly...[more]

Category: DEM


Ukraine : Accession to Locarno Agreement

The Government of Ukraine has deposited, on April 7, 2009, its instrument of accession to the Locarno Agreement establishing an International Classification for Industrial Designs, signed at Locarno on October 8, 1968, as amended...

Category: World, UA


CTM official fee reduction as from 01/05/2009

The new official fees for CTM, including an important fee reduction will enter into force on 01/05/2009.

Category: MEM


INTA Annual Meeting in Seattle

Julie Desrois will represent Cabinet Chaillot at the INTA Annual Meeting in Seatlle. She will be there from May 17 to May 20. Do not hesitate to contact her for a meeting.


CTM fee reduction

As you may know, the cost of the Community Trademarks will soon be reduced. [more]

Category: MEM


International Transfer of Technology

Article 19 of the Decree 2008-1472 of 30/12/2008 abrogates Articles R624.1 to R624-7 of the French Intellectual Property Code, which gave the legal frame on the International Transfers of Technology.[more]

Category: BFR


Tajikistan : Accession to WIPO Copyright Treaty

The Government of the Republic of Tajikistan has deposited, on January 5, 2009, its instrument of accession to the WIPO Copyright Treaty, adopted at Geneva on December 20, 1996.The said Treaty will enter into force, with...

Category: World, TJ


Korea : Accession to WIPO Treaty

The Government of the Republic of Korea has deposited, on December 18, 2008, its instrument of accession to the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty, adopted at Geneva on December 20, 1996.The said instrument of accession...

Category: World, KR


Fee reduction for French trademarks by using the new electronic filing

It is now possible to file French trademarks by electronic submission. The new official fee for this filing is of 200 € instead of 225 € for a paper filing. This fee applies for trademark designating up to 3 classes.[more]

Category: MFR


Ratification of the Trademark Law Treaty by the Republic of Costa Rica

The Government of the Republic of Costa Rica has deposited, on July 17, 2008, its instrument of ratification of the Trademark Law Treaty (TLT), done at Geneva on October 27, 1994.The Trademark Law Treaty will enter into force,...

Category: CR, World


Jordan : Accession to Budapest Treaty

The Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has deposited, on August 14, 2008, its instrument of accession to the Budapest Treaty on the International Recognition of the Deposit of Microorganisms for the Purposes of Patent...

Category: World, JO


Amendments regarding infringement action for French trademarks and designs

1) Absence of recordal in the French Register of trademarks or designsArticles L. 513-3 and L. 714-7 of the French Intellectual Property Code establish the principle that any transmission or modification of rights concerning a...

Category: MFR, DFR


2008 AIPPI Meeting in Boston

Nicolas Dufay will represent Cabinet Chaillot at the AIPPI Meeting in Boston from September 8 to September 11. Do not hesitate to contact him for a meeting.


INTA Annual Meeting in Berlin

Julie Desrois will represent Cabinet Chaillot at the INTA Annual Meeting in Berlin from May 17 to May 21. Do not hesitate to contact her for a meeting.


The London Agreement: simplification of national stages of the European patent

According to the London Agreement, the validation stage of the European patents the date of grant of which will be published from the 1st May, 2008 will be simplified.[more]

Category: BFR, BEP


Adopting of two Common regulations intended to link the common system of Designs to the International System

These measures permit to obtain, over the course of a single filing, the protection of a design in all European Union countries as well as in other countries of the Geneva Act (currently 23 countries)[more]

Category: DEM


Reproduction of a trademark on scale model cars

Toy manufacturers frequently reproduce in miniature the original models created and sold by cars manufacturers, placing a particular importance on the exact reproduction of the original models by these miniatures. This practice...[more]

Category: MFR, MEM


Validity of a personal name as a trademark

A personal name is nowadays frequently used as a trademark, trade name or sign. However, it is a source of litigation, as indicated by an important case law, to which belongs the judgement Elizabeth Emanuel of 30/03/2006.[more]

Category: MFR, MEM


Objection of a member of a board of appeal of the EPO

This decision is about the grounds of objection of a member of a Board of Appeal. The EPC's article related to this point of law is the Art. 24 EPC[more]

Category: BEP


New Nice Classification : 9th Edition of the Trademarks International Classification

The new edition of Nice Classification is in force as from January 1st, 2007[more]

Category: MFR, MEM


EU enlargement

Two new countries (Bulgaria and Romania) will enter in the European Union on 01/01/2007[more]

Category: MEM


Right to file a divisional EP patent application, suspensive effect of the appeal J28/03

The Board pointed out that the term "suspensive effect" does not mean the immediate cancellation of the objected decision. The suspensive effect means that the consequences resulting from an objected decision do not occur...[more]

Category: BEP


Use of trademarks in the advertising links of the search engines

Jugdment of the Court of First Instance of Paris of 12/07/2006 regarding trademarks in sponsored links of Google[more]

Category: MFR


EPC will enter into force on 13/12/2007 at the latest

Under Article 8(1) of the Revision Act, the revised European Patent Convention will enter into force two years after the fifteenth state has deposited its instrument of ratification or accession[more]

Category: BEP


Decision G01/04 - Diagnostic methods under Article 52(4) EPC

On 29 December 2003, the President of the EPO, requested to the Enlarged Board of Appeal : to clarify the meaning of the wording "diagnostic methods practised on the human or animal body" within the meaning of Article 52(4) EPC.[more]

Category: BEP


Olfactory trademarks :Judgement of The Court of First Instance of the EC - T 305/04

On 27/10/2005, the Court of First Instance of the European Communities gave a judgement T-305/04 regarding olfactory trademarks and their representation.[more]

Category: MEM


Decision G02/04 - Transfer of opposition

On 25/05/2005, the Enlarged Board of Appeal of the EPO has rendered a decision G 2/04 on the possibility of transferring an opposition from an opponent to another party.[more]

Category: BEP


European patent and priority claiming from a patent application in a state not member of the Paris Convention (G 2/02)

On April 26, 2004, the EPO Enlarged Board of Appeal gave its decision regarding claiming the priority from a first filing in a state which is not a member of the Paris Convention but a member of the WTO/TRIPS Agreement.[more]

Category: BEP


Allowability of Disclaimers in patent - Decision G 1/03

On April 8, 2004, the Enlarged Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office disclosed two decisions G 1/03 - G 2/03 relative to the allowability of disclaimers (negative feature) during a patent examination or opposition.[more]

Category: BEP


European patent problem-solution approach in the decision T 641/00

In a decision G 1/03 - G 2/03 dated September 26, 2002, a Board of Appeal of the EPO has underlined the compulsory technical aspect of an invention, not only in the object of the patent, but in the appreciation of obviousness.[more]

Category: BEP


Small-scale model car : infringement

The Court of Justice underlines that the reproduction under the form of a miniature constitutes an infringement, this cannot be acceptably denied without any extentive interpretation of the text[more]

Category: MEM


Filing a color per se as a trademark : Judgment C-104/01 of the CJEC

On 6 May 2003, the Court of Justice of the European Communities (CJEC) gives a Judgment (C-104/01) on the validity of a mark composed by a color per se.[more]

Category: MEM


Decision G01/02 of the EPO Enlarged Board of Appeal

On 22 January 2003, the EPO Enlarged Board of Appeal disclosed a decision G 1/02 relative to the competence and the nature of the “decisions” of the formalities officers [more]

Category: BEP

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